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Disc Brake Caliper Manufacturer Korea

We are always prepared to supply Disc Brake Calipers and their relevant assembled component parts in case of customers’ needs. We are able to supply assorted bolts, Guide Pins, Cam Shafts, Levers, Washers, Pad Clips, Front & Rear Pistons, Rubber Parts, Wire Springs and Hardware Kits by request of customers.
  • B-Parts Bolt, Nut, Guide Pin, Sleeve, Bushing, Bearing
  • F-Parts Washer plate, Lever, Bracket, Pad clip
  • P-Parts Steel, Aluminum, Phonolic piston
  • R-Parts Seal, Boot, Bushing, Cap plug, Resin
  • W-Parts Wire spring, Clip, Ring
  • Hardware Kits Front & Rear Caliper

We follow up promptly for what customers want according to Component Parts' drawings or Samples.


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Product Name Part No. Size1 Size2 Size3 Size4 Remark
Guide Pin-G B1421 φ24.7-M8x1.0-   Aφ9.7x84
Guide Pin-A B1422 M8x1.0 φ10.9 70.0 H-17

Guide Pin-G B1422-1 H17-M8x1.0- Aφ10.9x65.5
Guide Pin-A B1423 M8x1.25-H16x Aφ9.8x70.4
Cam Shaft-L B1702-L φ15.86 53.5L M10x1.0

Cam Shaft-R B1702-R φ15.86 53.5L M10x1.0

Stud B1703 φ11.0 φ22.0 M8x1.25 44.8L

Stud B1704 φ10.0 φ27.8 M8x1.25 40.5L

Cam Shaft B1706-L φ15.96x44
Cam Shaft B1706-R φ15.96x44
LEVER STUD B1711-L φ15.88 48.1L M10x1.25

LEVER STUD B1711-R φ15.88 48.1L M10x1.25

Cam Shaft-L B1716-L φ13.95x47.8Hex11.0
Cam Shaft-R B1716-R φ13.95x47.8Hex11.0
CAM SHAFT B1717-L φ15.88 47.5L M10x1.25

Woo Shin Industries Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer in Korea offering specialized real disc brake. We have an experience of more than 2 decades for developing and supplying high quality rear disc brake to customers at reasonable prices. Contact our professions for more details.


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