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The innovation of Woo Shin for customer's satisfaction will keep on going ahead such as manufacturing technology to supply already achieved high quality products with competitive price and designing technology of caliper,etc. We are looking for ways toward better solution and value for the future through R&D.


The philosophy of Woo Shin on safety is that only one defect in a brake could lead to a serious accident. So We are always focusing on quality control through the respect respect to human-being's lives and contribution of the company to society, going beyond customers' satisafaction. Woo Shin's confidence of quality starts from quality control.


Continuosly appearing new machines and technologies are the reason, which makes us develop new products. Descriptions below are the process stages that can satisfy our customers.

  • First, analysis
    We start the precise measurement about the requested products material, performance and needed parts to make it.
  • Second, design
    We design the products and repeatedly revise the drawings by simulating them to be fitted in the real circumstances (preciseness & applicability), which can be made in the course of actual use.
  • Third, mold
    the preparation stage(plasticization mold, gravity mold etc) to make prototype models.
  • Fourth, prototype model
    By making and measuring JIG, we progress the test for the developed products durability and performance.

The developing process is one of the most important axes of Woo Shin's business field. We are putting our best into all the cases.

    Vacuum leak tester 2
    Water leak tester 3
    Air leak tester 5
    Hyd, leak tester 2
    Hyd, strength tester 4
    Disc breake caliper functional tester 1
    Durability tester 1
    Micro hite-600mm 1
    Profile projector-PJ-300 1
    Rocwell hardness tester-DTR-100 1
    3D gauger 1
    Surface roughness tester-Surftest-301 1
    OTHERS 42


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